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Let us all keep dancing.
From 1/3/22  March Update



Thank you to everyone who took part in the February Covid Protocol Survey with members who are the heart and soul of our club and they have had chance to give their opinions before the end of Feb 22. Survey now closed.

Having also had several conversations with other UK dance organisers in addition to the MEMBERS survey, there is a solid opinion that existing Covid Checks will go on 1st April 2022, when test kits are chargeable.

Many have said in the Survey, it’s time we managed Covid and be responsible adults, if you are feeling unwell, whatever the issues, you stay away from dance halls and this includes colds and flu. Of course others have raised concerns but some of those said they would come dancing even without checks.

So what’s the outcome?

At our last Covid Survey back in June/July 2021 before dance clubs could reopen, the vast majority of members chose “entry by Covid Pass” which we respected. But when numbers of Covid infections rose sharply in late 2021, everyone had to produce a Negative Lateral flow test result and the requirement of Covid pass was no longer valid, because it was realised by members who had been vaccinated, dancers were contradicting mild Covid and could be passing it on.

The February 2022 survey has proved dancers are 50/50 divided over keeping the Covid checks and removing Covid checks, very interesting to see as ten days ago, it was 59/41 in favour of keeping Covid Checks so it has swung.

So we will first respect those dancers who have been attending LeRoc events since July 2021, when we could socially return to dance, many only returned because of the Covid Checks*

Now we are fully aware of members prior to Covid March 2020 that have not returned dancing to this club, have gone elsewhere to dance as they have no Covid checks. Likewise members of those clubs, have not returned, have been dancing now instead at LeRoc Surrey again because of the Covid checks. It’s your personal choice and it’s pleasing that all dancers have been given a choice: venues with no Covid Checks and venues with Covid Checks. Time will tell who will return now to dancing and those who still now stay away.

So what now.

Up until 14th March 2022 * LeRoc Surrey will still require a Negative Lateral Flow test (LFT) result on the day of the event and shown by the NHS Text or Email. This will give dancers who have only returned to dance because of Covid Protocol checks at LeRoc, an opportunity to get a final chance to dance, until they feel safe to dance again without checks. We would like to thank you for coming dancing but hope you are understanding of the current position.

You will be able to dance on Tuesday 1st and Saturdays 5th (Ashtead) and 12th (Bookham). Please note Ashtead is closed to LeRoc on Tuesday 8th March.

From Tuesday 15th March 2022.

There will be NO checks for Lateral Flow results and NO requests for your Covid pass.

(Providing the current Covid infection rate is NOT on the rise or a new Covid virus strain is causing concern in the UK).

We reserve the future right of use and it has been requested by many people in the Survey for now to use a Temperature check machine, not as a “Covid Checker” but for checking people being unwell (with whatever) and with high temperature. (It’s happened many times in the club’s 27 years, people have come unwell and with general flu with high temperature and passed it to others). Please note (as we have always had) if you turn up at our dance nights with a cold or flu, LeRoc Surrey reserves the right to no entry on that night.

We do encourage people to keep doing their own LFTs before going dancing and why not pick up free test kits while still available from your local chemist or on the Government site this month.

Of course it goes without saying.

If you feel unwell with anything, stay at home and discuss with your GP.

Latest News

  • Latest from LeRoc Surrey

    09 September 2022
    WEEKLY CLASS NIGHTS  we have been promoting dance classes since 1995 and have activitly added 1000's of dancers into the dance world, unlike others who only run dance nights and bring in no brand new dancers.   We are now at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall is normal our home base for Tuesday nights. Weekly at the excellent Ashtead Hall on Tuesdays. BUT * Please check this website for Tuesdays open as some weeks we are not. * Dancing LeRoc. Freshness and innovation * in a friendly relaxed environment * in small & medium sized class groups * with excellent teachers * no partner necessary * and no previous dance experience required. Excellent spring dance floor. Doors open 7.30pm and from 7.55pm to 10.45pm We have a structured 12 week rolling Beginner classes where you learn the basic moves, tuition is by our teachers, before you move up the further moves at Intermediate level. We also offer freestyle. It’s about fun, having a laugh in a friendly social dance setting. All welcome
  • Current Covid Protocol Policy. Keep dance Alive.

    09 September 2022
    There are NO checks for Lateral Flow results               Providing the current Covid infection rate is NOT on the rise or a new Covid virus strain is causing concern in the UK).  We do encourage people to keep doing their own LFTs before going dancing  Of course it goes without saying. If you feel unwell with anything, stay at home and discuss with your GP.               LeRoc Surrey will continue to place Sanitiser on each table. We ask you to use these between different dance partners.  If you wish to remain cautious for a period of time with who you dance with, people should respect your “decision” as you adjust to the changes. Continually wash hands after so many dances. Naturally wash your hands after using the toilets, but many don’t!!! Venues will remain ventilated for air flow so if you are sitting by a window opening, do not close the window.
  • LeRoc Surrey History

    09 September 2022
    LeRoc History since 1995.  Twenty Seven Years Old on 1/11/2022.  This club started on 1st November 1995 first based in Guildford, before opening night 19th October 1998 at Friends Provident Club, Dorking and then Dorking Halls September 1999. Now we have weekly class/freestyle only at Ashtead Hall on Tuesday nights, see calendar for night’s opening times to put some enjoyment back in to your life Come and find out why! We look forward to seeing you. We need your support or loose class nights; all clubs need to remain viable! Come check out the excitement too. Its great social life. Dances most weekends.