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  • • DECEMBER Update CLASS NIGHTS RETURN FROM FEB 2021 (we hope)Midweek Classes at Ashtead Hall to Pre-paid and Pre-booked dancers. No turn up on the night options.

    05 September 2020
    Due to December Tier 4 annoucements, our venue is now closed and re-opens from Februay 2021.Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall is normal our home base for Tuesday nights. Weekly at the excellent Ashtead Hall on Tuesdays, plus currently extra nights on Wednesdays & Fridays while other hall users have yet to return but this will change in 2021.  There is some LIGHT OK.... whose wanting to find out more....? DANCE CLASSES? Whose interested in starting dance classes again.... in Surrey?Then click on the LINK to register.   It would only be Modern Jive LeRoc Dance Classes at this stage (Stage 1) and you can only (at this stage) dance with your same partner, so no social mixing at this stage.   Limited numbers permitted in venue only   Pre-booking only - no turn up and pay slots   Members only (Stage 1) You may book with a member of the same household or from a member of your support bubble.   Fixed dance zones within venue. Secure Covid 19 Venue, complying with all guidelines & regulations.   The recent announcements this week have not affected these venues, providing Covid 19 risk assessments and insurances are in place and in case you wondered, I have been given a "Government" green light today (11/9/2020) to sound you all out.   Stage 1 Environmental Health Legal Dept has confirmed we can hold class nights under the "Educational" section of the legislation, therefore just for dance classes, we can reopen. This allows us to work around the current law with their written confirmation, which still prevents Freestyle only dances and social dancing.   Fixed partners only..   Stage 2 will build on the above.   This is all subject to any further Government updates.   If you wish to sign up as interested, we can let you know with Priority Information regarding the first night back.    If enough of you are interested and its financially viable, lets do it...   Check this website every Tuesday in case of sudden changes to program and venue. It’s supposed to be changing and we can dance soon, when it’s down to Government, so be part of it when it returns. Dancing LeRoc. Freshness and innovation * in a friendly relaxed environment * in small & medium sized class groups * with excellent teachers * no partner necessary * and no previous dance experience required. Excellent spring dance floor. 7.30-10.45pm We have a structured 12 week rolling Beginner classes where you learn the basic moves, tuition is by our teachers, before you move up the further moves at Intermediate level. We also offer freestyle practice sessions. It’s about fun, having a laugh in a friendly social dance setting. All welcome
  • PLEASE NOTE. All Dances(FREESTYLES) or general currently suspended due to Government Guidelines & Legislation for evening dancing. Updated 11/10/2020

    05 September 2020
    All our weekend dances are not on right now as the Government Guidelines & Legislation does not permit them to run. It open allows under law, dancing in Dance Studios, of which LeRoc does use, our venues are Community & Village Halls. The law any venue for dancing with a dance floor or other space for damcing is not permitted at present.Our Covid secure Dance Classes, authorised by the The Environmental Health Legal Team are an now an permited exclusion to this Legislation.However, if see other clubs open, please read the Legislation Law and ask how?It states:https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/684/schedule/2SCHEDULE 2 Businesses subject to closure 2.—(1) Dance halls and any other venue which— (a)opens at night, (b)has a dance floor or other space for dancing by members of the public (and for these purposes members of the venue in question are to be considered members of the public); (c)provides music, whether live or recorded, for dancing. (2) A business does not fall within paragraph (1) if it ceases to provide music and dancing. We hope you like you, we can return with new procedures to meet "Safe Dancing" guidelines, everyone must follow. Watch this space for updates because if we get government clearance, we still start with Phase one, fixed couples only. Phase 2 to be confirmed.
  • LeRoc History

    05 September 2020
    Twenty Five Years Old on 1/11/2020.  This club started on 1st November 1995 first based in Guildford, before opening night 19th October 1998 at Friends Provident Club, Dorking and then Dorking Halls September 1999. We have switched to Ashtead Hall on Tuesday nights, see calendar for night’s opening times to put some enjoyment back in to your life Come and find out why! We look forward to seeing you. We need your support or loose class nights; all clubs need to remain viable! Come check out the excitement too when the Government allows us to return. Its great social life.